“With New Challenges, New Risks rise, but also New Opportunities abound”

AAIB’s approach to effecting a 360° DNA is a holistic strategy to create value to our entire stakeholders through, both: internally changing within our day-to-day business operation, as well as externally within the banking sector.

(Humanity Value Based approach based on stakeholders engagement in addressing environmental, social and governance issues of materiality and global drivers for change.)

AAIB is institutionalizing Sustainability through adopting a belief system with a structural approach to the bank's spheres of influence and conceptual stakeholders' framework that together outline our serious commitment and virtual boundaries of our Sustainability policy.

Business growing in isolation of the environmental, social and governance issues is no more an option. Making profit in mere financial figures is no more an option. Measuring Return on Investment (ROI) by profitability is not sustainable.

MATERIALITY: Identifying key ESG Issues

Customization of global and local challenges to business operations and management systems is a key in indicating areas of focus and initiatives to kick off. The sustainability agenda worldwide is extremely wide, diverse and endless. However the nature of your industry and the stakeholders you deal with as well as the  context of operation all are strong and significant determinants for the issues raised and chosen to focus on. 

AAIB Headquarters are in Egypt. Hence, we had an early realization of Egypt’s main issues, Health and Education. However, as we continued our sustainability journey, we realized the need for a merge between ESG and banking KPIs.

As a bank, our Risk-to- Return Ratio is what counts and determines our destination. Our operating systems using ESG could minimize our risks and costs, but also innovating new products and services that serves the current Egyptian challenges. 

Core Business Operation, Community, Regulatory / ESG


To identify whom are our key significant and role-playing stakeholders (both internally and externally).

We define anyone who deals with the bank and is affected by it as our stakeholders. Yet there are some specific groups with whom we are seeking to broaden our relationships and dialogue: bank employees, customers, shareholders, business partners (suppliers), community, and the environment.

In order to understand the expectations and aspirations of our stakeholders, we make sure we have a wide-ranging dialogue with them. 

Their expectations assist us in the decision-making especially on the social aspects of our plans. The communication with our stakeholders is based primarily on personal interviews, workshops, network meetings, and conferences. 

Among the key dialogue issues in 2007 through 2009 were climate change, Sustainability structuring, customers satisfaction, stakeholders identification case stories/studies, international frameworks and philanthropy.


To embed the ESG Formula within our bank’s DNA, as well as the banking industry skeletal system. AAIBs adherence to its own business values and international organizations such as the UN Global Compact, London Benchmarking Group and the Equator Principles demonstrate AAIBs sincere professional commitment to enriching its stakeholders. These groups, compacts and agreements ensure that we are on track towards realizing our commitment to create value for our stakeholders and community. To sustain responsible finance, we are continuously seeking international, regional and local frameworks to join.


We aim to call for collective action within the banking sector in Egypt to embrace Sustainable Finance as a business approach and strategy.  




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