Since 2003
AAIB management introduced 360⁰ Sustainability in 2003 —a fast-growth strategy paired with a holistic, value-based approach
Corporate Governance & Compliance
Governance is critical to ensure sustainable daily business operations. We are dedicated to continuously develop our policies, practices and procedures to ensure a regulation-abiding environment
Sustainable Finance
AAIB aims to lead the industry’s initiative to integrate environment, social and governance aspects into banking with the creation of innovative sustainable products and solutions that will make Egypt a frontrunner in sustainable finance worldwide
Protect Nature
Creating an environmentally responsive business culture stems from our sense of responsibility towards the ecosystem; we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and energy consumption and to consciously integrate the environment within our investment
Empowering Lives
We believe in empowerment through nationwide programs focusing on health and education to nurture sustainable communities and deep-rooted development roadmaps
Reporting on Performance
We cannot manage what we cannot measure. Extra financial disclosure is a statement of commitment, transparency, and credibility. Check all AAIB’s annual sustainability reports about our environmental, social and governance aspects.
Educate me Sustainability
Learn more about CSR and Sustainability concepts, definitions, case studies, and key issues. Walk with us towards fostering more sustainable communities.