Tabeeb Loan
“Tabeeb loan” from Arab African International Bank is designed especially for the medical professionals sector, namely doctors, pharmacists, pathologists, physiotherapists and dentists.
AAIB EduInvest supports you in pursuing the quality education you aspire.
You can access your money without having the need to liquidate the deposit and losing its interest. Unlike most other forms of borrowing, there is no set minimum amount to pay back each month.
Cash Loan
AAIB offers personal loan program with attractive interest rates. This program satisfies all salaried employees, business owners and independent professionals alike.
Auto Loan
AAIB offers the most competitive Auto loan program in the Egyptian market. Packaged with maximum benefits and services tailored to add value to our clients.
Value Plus
Arab African International Bank strives to make innovation the key factor behind its products; Innovation that understands and addresses the unique and ever evolving needs of each client.