Reforming Egypt’s Economy for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
Reforming Egypt’s Economy for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
AAIB Communication Day Legacy Film
AAIB Communication Day Legacy Film
  • I am against DISCRIMINATION
    As March 1st marks the world’s ZERO Discrimination Day; AAIB kicked off Kofi Annan’s quote in a five days internal engagement campaign against discrimination. AAIBians were encouraged to complete the quote and the name of the author.
  • MOSATDAM Module I Certification event
    The Arab African International Bank has acknowledged 32 graduates of “MOSATADAM” the first certified training programme in sustainable finance in Egypt and the MENA region.
  • AAIB participation in ICA 2015
    AAIB has successfully participated in ICA, which was held in the 23rd and 24th of October this year at JW Mariott Hotel in the presence of more than four hundred members and participants from different nationalities.
  • AAIB in EGX Sustainability Conference 2015
    AAIB has participated successfully in EGX Sustainability Conference 2015. The Conference took up the importance of the adoption of financial institutions to sustainability.
  • AAIB 10th annual Communication Day
    AAIB celebrated its 10th annual Communication Day under the theme "One Team...One Dream"
  • AAIB and Marwa Fayed's Toys Run
    WOTE Foundation & AAIB Sustainability Unit were approached by Marwa Fayed’s Toys Run Foundation seeking a partnership and collaboration in one day visit on Saturday 18th April , 2015 to Abou E Reesh El Mounira Hospital
  • AAIB at Cairo ICT 2014
    Arab African International Bank has participated in Cairo ICT 2014 in the period between 4 - 7 November 2014. Cairo ICT is a specialized electronic payment conference.
  • Cataract Eye Surgeries in Aswan
    We Owe it to Egypt in collaboration with Nour Maghrabi Foundation has organized a medical caravan in Aswan. This caravan was mainly entitled for the performance of 300 Cataract and eye surgeries.
  • World Sight Day
    In the occasion of the World Sight Day 2013, We Owe it to Egypt has organized a caravan in El Helmiya El Gedida Primary School in collaboration with Nour Maghraby Foundation to diagnose and treat children with sight defects.
  • AAIB Acquires Nova Scotia Bank in Egypt
    In the light of AAIB's expansion plan, AAIB has acquired recently Nova Scotia Bank in Egypt. By this acquisition, AAIB will ensure a better customer service experience and reach.
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