CBE Precautionary Measures

Covid 19

Arab African International Bank - CBE Precautionary Measures   Covid 19

CBE has introduced a comprehensive range of supports during the Covid-19 outbreak as follows:

  1. Starting March 16, 2020, secured and unsecured loans’ installments will be postponed for 6 months automatically with no commission or late payment fees. During this 6-months period, the interest rate will be calculated normally on the debit amount. In case you want to continue with your regular installments’ payments, please visit your nearest branch to submit a signed request or call 19555.

  2. Credit cards minimum payment has been postponed for 6 months starting March 2020, without any late payment fees, noting that the interest rate will be calculated for this 6-months period.

  3. All cash withdrawals and balance inquiries fees are exempted when using debit cards, prepaid cards or credit cards at any ATM inside Egypt.

  4. Debit Cards limits of cash withdrawals and purchases inside Egypt have been raised. For more information, click here.

  5. All Point Of Sale (POS) commissions are waived.

  6. All Egyptian Pound transfers’ commissions inside Egypt are waived.