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Corporate Payment Services

You can now pay your governmental payments, including taxes, customs, unified gateway and social insurance, online using the Corporate Payment System (CPS) and without having to visit the branch. You can apply for CPS access through our dedicated customer service units and assign users from your company as maker to initiate and inquire on transactions, checker to review transactions and confirmer to authorize transactions. Each user will receive soft token to generate one time passwords and conduct transactions securely on the platform.


Using CPS system, you can benefit from the following:

  1. 3 layers of authority to use the system and execute the payments
  2. Payments are instantly settled on the government side
  3. Online platform accessible on all devices and available 24/7
  4. Availability of printed statements, reports and payment receipts for your reference
  5. Encrypted communication channel between you and the bank to ensure your secrecy



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