Click2Shop Fees


Application Fees

50$ or equivalent in EGP

One time fees

Setup Fees

200$ or equivalent in EGP

One time fees

Monthly Fees

30$ or equivalent in EGP

Ongoing fees

Cancellation Fees

Clich2shop client can cancel the service at any time through sending a written cancellation request to Arab African International Bank. The cancellation request is effective after 15 days from receiving the request.

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For more information, Please contact Click2shop Unit on the following or call AAIB call center 24/7 on 19555

Address: 5 | Midan Al Saray Al Koubra | Garden City Cairo | Egypt | P.O. Box: 60 Magless El Shaab

Telephone(s): +2 02-27912457 - +2 02-27912458

Mobile(s): +201222660099 - +201222660033


Arab African International Bank - Click2Shop

3-Party Integration

3-Party Payments allow the Payment Server to manage the payment pages and collect the cardholder's card details on your behalf.

The cardholder's Internet browser redirects to take the Credit Card details to the Payment Server to process the transaction.

After processing the transaction, the cardholder's Internet browser returns to a web page that you nominate in the transaction together with a transaction response.


  • Simple to implement
  • Payment Server Provider collects the credit card details not the merchant, which provides highest level of security for card details
  • SSL Connections for secure transaction

Important Notes:

  • No branding payment pages on website. The Payment Provider displays their own branding while the card details are captured


2.5 Party Integration

2.5 Party initializes as a normal 3-Party Payment transaction but the merchant’s website is responsible to forward the card details to the Payment Server Without storing the cards’ details.

With the same look & feel, the card details will be bypassed, skipping directly to the 3-D Secure Authentication stage.


  • Branding payment pages on the website remains consistent throughout the whole transaction except the screen where the cardholder enters their password for 3-D Secure Authentication

Important Notes:

  • Risk to store/save card details for cardholder


Arab African International Bank - Click2Shop

If you are looking at accepting credit cards on your corporate website then a payment gateway is required. 

There are three main requirements for a payment gateway to work:

  1. A website that meets the security and eligibility requirements for the bank to issue a merchant account.
  2. A merchant account is a special kind of bank account that is linked directly to a payment gateway. These bank accounts are issued only upon the review of a website to ensure it meets privacy and security standards.
  3. A Payment gateway provider is a tool, which integrates between the website and the bank. The server has a very special configuration and a very high level of security due to the sensitive nature of the data transferred.

Once the three requirements are completed, the payment gateway connects the website and the merchant account. This will then allow for live credit card processing.

Arab African International Bank - Click2Shop

For Consumers:

  • Comfortable
  • Secured
  • Flexible
  • Fun
  • Interactive

For Merchants:

  • Business expansion
  • Increase profitability
  • Fast and easy
  • Decrease cash management risk
  • Meet customers’ needs
  • Secure and safe selling channels
  • SSL connections for secure transaction
  • Reach large segment of consumers through one channel
Arab African International Bank - Click2Shop

Click2Shop is an e-commerce acquiring product, which enables our merchants to accept online payments from their customers through their websites through a secured AAIB internet payment gateway.

Click2Shop service automates the payment transaction between the buyer and merchant. It is usually a third-party service that has a secured platform that processes, verifies, and accepts or declines credit card transactions on behalf of the merchant through secure Internet connections.

Click2Shop is the most convenient way to purchase goods and pay their liabilities using a wide range of cards. It is an option that became increasingly popular due to the widespread use of the internet worldwide. Over the years, online payments have increased as opposed to the number of cash payments.

Click2Shop is the fastest, secured & easiest electronic alternative to traditional methods such as cash, and cheques ….etc. 

Our valued merchants and their clients will enjoy the benefits of a secured online payment service pioneered by AAIB through accepting MasterCard, Visa and other major credit cards.