Arab African International Bank - Current Account

AAIB gives you the convenience and the flexibility by offering two different types of current accounts; a non-interest bearing and interest bearing account to cater all your needs.


  • You can open your account in any major currency
  • You can apply for the Debit Card of your choice (Visa and MasterCard)
  • Cheque books can be issued against a balance of EGP 10,000 or USD 3,000 against issuance fees
  • You will also be able to access your account(s) using our free direct banking (internet banking & phone banking)

​General Conditions

  • Minimum required balance  for non-interest bearing account: EGP 5,000 or USD 1,000 or its equivalent in major currencies
  • Minimum required balance for interest bearing account: EGP 10,000 or USD 3,000 or its equivalent in major currencies
  • Default statement frequency is quarterly for individual customers and monthly for corporate clients
  • The statement frequency can be sent as per customer request for a monthly fee

* Make sure to keep your account balance above each account type’s minimum required balance throughout the month to avoid a monthly fee

The following accounts are exempted from the “below balance fees”:

  • Payroll accounts
  • Certificate of deposit and time deposits ( with minimum balance of EGP 5000 or equivalent in other currencies
  • Accounts linked to credit facilities such as loans or credit cards with any balance

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