Arab African International Bank - Debit Cards

AAIB Visa USD Debit Card; the most convenient way to access your US dollar account, to pay for your everyday purchases and for cash withdrawal from ATMs, locally & internationally.

AAIB Visa USD Debit Card is feature-rich and fully secured:

  • Cardholders now have the privilege to access their US dollar account at any ATM or POS displaying VISA logo in Egypt and abroad. Please note that the card will access the US dollar account only and any cash withdrawal will be according to the currency of the country. (for ex: cash withdrawal from an ATM in Egypt will disburse equivalent amount in EGP and an ATM in France, will disburse equivalent amount in Euro)
  • AAIB Visa USD Debit Card is equipped with Chip & PIN technology to secure your transactions; you will be required to enter your PIN to complete any transaction
  • Instant SMS alert after each card transaction to enhance your card security

Terms and conditions apply. For more information, please click here.

To know more about the debit cards tariffs, please click here.

Arab African International Bank - Debit Cards
Dear valued customers,
Please note that all AAIB debit cards international cash withdrawal limits have been modified according to the following scheme: USD 2,000/month. Moreover, POS transactions maximum limit is USD 25,000/month.

AAIB Visa/ MasterCard Debit cards:


  • Convenient you can use the money in your account safely as your card is welcomed for purchases at POS machines and to withdraw cash from ATMs (24 Hours) locally and internationally
  • Spend with confidence; your AAIB Debit Card is equipped with Chip & PIN technology to secure your transactions. You will be required to enter your PIN to complete a transaction
  • Please note that at POS and non-AAIB ATMs you can only access the primary account you linked to your card
  • Real time fraud monitoring: your Debit Card is continuously monitored for suspicious activity and we may contact you if any suspected behavior is detected on your card


  • Enjoy free ATM cash withdrawal from any AAIB ATMs (more than 270 ATMs) you also have the privilege to access your account at more than 3 million ATMs worldwide displaying Visa / MasterCard logo (minimal fee apply)
  • Enjoy wide range of discounts offered by Visa and MasterCard
  • You will receive SMS alert for every card transaction, enhancing your card security
  • For your convenience and security, we encourage you to use your card for paying merchants for your purchases, rather than carrying cash.
  • Click here for debit card terms and conditions 
  • For more information please call our AAIB contact center at 19555 or +20224889979 (24/7) from outside Egypt