Arab African International Bank - Earth Day

Earth Day 2013 - Environmentally Responsive Employees

Individual social responsibility (ISR) is a mission we are keen to promote to our employees. Engaging our staff with global sustainability issues and planet conservation tips is a way of educating them on how to live sustainably. Our message demonstrates how each individual has a significant role in saving the environment.

April 22 is the annual International Earth Day. Under the slogan, Live Sustainably, AAIB Sustainability used innovative approaches to promote environment protection among bank employees.

2013: Green Giveaways

AAIB and its employees celebrated Earth Day with the distribution of environmentally friendly giveaways:

Eco-Friendly Bag: Each year billions of plastic bags end up as waste polluting our rivers, lakes and oceans. Reusable eco-friendly bags help reduce this waste and their production does not produce greenhouse gases that result from the production of plastic bags.
Crassula Plant: Plants are essential for life; they help regulate our atmosphere, store carbon and release precious oxygen.
Eco Bulbs: Using eco-friendly light bulbs helps reduce energy consumption by almost 80% and also helps increase your savings.

All bank employees were included in the campaign to ensure mindset alignment.

2014: Environment Contest

As part of our continuous effort to raise our employees’ environmental awareness on the Earth Day in 2014, AAIB launched an internal Environment Competition for the best environment initiative.

The challenge was for them to take the initiative to make a difference with simple act as such as planting trees, cleaning streets or promoting the proper disposal of garbage.

Using a series of before-and-after pictures, each initiative was put to the vote and the winner was awarded a prize. Mahmoud El-Witidy won the 2014 competition for planting trees near his residence.

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