Arab African International Bank - EduInvest

Education is the key to a bright future. A good education is the best investment you make for your children, and for yourself.

AAIB EduInvest supports you in pursuing the quality education you aspire to through different phases: school, university & post-graduate studies.



  • Loan granted to students (if they are earning), or their parents / guardians
  • Loan for paying education fee to approved educational institutions in Egypt
  • Loan disbursed in tranches matching educational institution fees schedule
  • Limit approval and loan disbursement according to school / university letter, and disbursed directly to the institution

* All loans granted at the Bank’s sole discretion. Terms & Conditions apply.


EduInvest Start Up

Start-up loan enables you to spread your one-time fee payment over a year. Make your multiple fee payments to the school and repay your loan over a 12-month period in equal monthly installments.

EduInvest Level Up

Level-up loan enables students to get their education today and pay for it tomorrow. In the first 3 years you pay a very low amount (only interest on the loan), after which you repay the loan amount (principal + interest) over additional 4 years.

EduInvest Step Up

Step-up loan enables you to pay lower installments in the beginning that increase gradually until loan maturity going up to 7 years. With your higher expected income in the future years, loan repayment remains comfortable.

Ideal for university education: undergraduate and postgraduate.



  • Competitive interest rates
  • Loan covering up to 100% of tuition fees
  • Flexible repayment tenors reaching up to 84 months (7 years)
  • Customers have the option to take insurance cover on the full sanctioned loan amount for the fee payment period; in case of unfortunate event of death (during fee payment period), the insurance will pay for settling the outstanding loan amount and the remaining tuition fees, which the Bank will pay to the educational institution on due dates

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