Arab African International Bank - Investment Banking

Financial Advisory

Mergers & Acquisitions “M&A”

Our investment banking and corporate finance teams will advise you on potential M&A opportunities and guide you along to close the transaction. As a financial institution, we are able to fund and market an acquisition through our in-house underwriting and book-keeping services 

AAIB has an edge in this service that distinguish it from other investment banks being the ability to fund and market an acquisition transaction through its underwriting and book running capabilities.        

IPOs and Private Placements in Primary and Secondary Markets

Our team will assist in the appointment of legal, financial and technical advisors and help the client determine the offering size based on valuations and market testing. The team will also manage the preparation of all regulatory requirements and the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) filing.

For private placements, our team will also consult with the client on determining the optimum price according to valuations and market testing. It will also assist with the information dissemination process and obtain all necessary approvals.

We complement these services with book keeping and brokerage services through our subsidiary, Arab African International Securities. 

Capital Restructure

Our teams’ expertise and accumulated experience allows us to advise our client on optimal capital structures, offering the most suitable restructuring and reorganization plan, both financially and operationally. We aim to maximize investment return to shareholders through establishing an optimum capital structure. In that sense, our team analyzes the different alternatives of investment decisions along with its financing sources.  

Financial Feasibility Study

Our vast transactional experience across various industries allows us to advise on the viability of almost any project our clients share with us. With an understanding of both the local and the international markets, we analyze profitability trends taking into consideration prevalent economic conditions. 

Buy or Sell Side Financial Advisory

Our investment banking and corporate finance teams will be involved in negotiating the terms of any transaction, draft the necessary documentation and conduct valuation on behalf of the client. AAIB can also provide brokerage services via its brokerage subsidiary.


Escrow Account Bank

AAIB is licensed to act as an escrow agent


Placement Agent

AAIB is licensed to receive placements of stocks or bonds in private or public offerings and is equipped with customized automated systems throughout its vast branch network to facilitate the process accurately and securely.


Independent Financial Advisor (IFA)

AAIB has been licensed by the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) to act as an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) to determine the fair value of shares if the offer price exceeds average trading prices during public offerings and mandatory tender offers