Points Donations

Arab African International Bank - Reward Points Donations

Dear AAIB Valued Customer,

Now is the time to do more with your AAIB credit card reward points.

Redeem and donate your AAIB credit card reward points to feed and support those harmed during the COVID-19 crisis by donating to Tayheya Masr Fund or the Egyptian Food Bank.

Keep using your AAIB credit card on all your purchases at stores and online to earn reward points and donate them to help save lives.

Keep the donations flowing as every small donation goes a long way!

Fill in the below/attached form if you wish to donate your points to Tayheya Masr Fund or the Egyptian Food Bank.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Rewards Program is offered for only credit cards issued in EGP.

  2. Only the Principal cardholder is eligible to redeem rewards points and place the request

  3. Rewards points are eligible for redemption only for accounts that are current and in good credit standing, (i.e. card must not be delinquent, suspended, blocked or cancelled) at the time of redemption.

  4. The minimum amount to request a redemption request is 10,000 for Rewards Points & Cash Back and redemption is done on the multipliers of 10,000 points

  5. In case of redemption against Vouchers points: 1 point = 0.005 EGP, 1000 points = 5 EGP

  6. Once a valid redemption request has been made, this cannot be cancelled, revoked or changed.