Term Deposits

AAIB time deposit offers you competitive interest rates and gives you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of tenors, which best suit, your needs.


  • Deposits are available in Egyptian pounds and major foreign currencies
  • Minimum deposit: EGP 5,000, USD 5,000 or the equivalent in major foreign currencies
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Tenor can be one week, one month, three month, six month or one year
  • Interest may be added to the principle or credited to a separate account upon maturity as per customer’s instructions
  • You can take a secured loan or issue a credit card against the time deposit up to 97% of the deposit’s value
  • You can also be eligible for overdraft of 90% of the deposit’s value


Short term deposits' rates **

  Rates (up to)*
1 week 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
EGP 4.5000 6.0000 6.7500 7.0000 7.2500 7.5000
USD 0.1875 0.1875 0.2500 0.3750 0.5000 1.0000
EUR 0.1250 0.1875 0.1875 0.1875 0.2500 0.4375
GBP 0.1875 0.1875 0.2500 0.3750 0.5000 0.5625


* Rates displayed are the maximum offered and are subjected to change according to the deposited amount
** Rates are subject to change. To check most recent rates, please call our Call Center on 19555 


For more information call
19555 (24 h / 7 days) or 24886679

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