Arab African Investment Holding (AAIH)
Arab African International Bank - Subsidiaries

In 2008, AAIB established a new subsidiary Arab African Investment Holding (AAIH) which later saw the establishment of Arab African Investment Management (AAIM) and Arab African International Securities (AAIS) under its umbrella. AAIH aims to become one of Egypt’s leading investment institutions.

Arab African International Securities (AAIS)
Arab African International Bank - Subsidiaries

AAIS is a subsidiary of Arab African Investment Holding (AAIH). It is an Egyptian joint stock company licensed to conduct securities brokerage activity since 2007.

Building on a heritage of proficient financial services and innovations with a powerful customer base, AAIS offers the ultimate safe and efficient online trading platform in the Egyptian Stock Market. It offers a full range of brokerage activities including same-day trading, online trading and margin lending at competitive rates.

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Arab African Investment Management (AAIM)
Arab African International Bank - Subsidiaries

Arab African Investment Management (AAIM) is a specialized MENA focused asset management firm. AAIM covers different asset classes to enhance investors’ diversification and investment opportunities through its managed equity, money market and fixed income funds. AAIM also manages tailored portfolios that balance risk and return aspects for institutional and high-net-worth individuals depending on each client’s investment guidelines.

As a specialized asset management firm, AAIM build on AAIB’s heritage for innovation and customer service to develop a market-leading approach to wealth creation across some of the world’s fastest growing emerging markets.


AAIM Funds:

1. Shield Equity Fund: It was recognized by the Egyptian investment association as the best performing open-end equity fund after achieving 33% annual growth

2. Juman money market fund: It was launched and was oversubscribed in less than a week. The fund invests in a range of short term Egyptian money market instruments. These include government and corporate bonds, treasury bills and bank deposits

3. Gozoor: It is an open-end fund that invests in a diversified portfolio of fixed income securities which include Corporate Bonds, Treasury Bonds, Treasury Bills, Mortgage, Baked Securities, Repurchase Agreements and Time Deposits

4. Guard: It is an open-end fund that invests in a diversified portfolio of fixed income instruments, thus an excellent diversification instrument

Arab African International Mortgage Finance (AAIMF)
Arab African International Bank - Subsidiaries

AAIMF is a leading mortgage finance company and one of the fastest growing companies, which is ranked amongst the top mortgage finance providers in Egypt.

AAIMF is a mortgage finance provider for real estate purchasing finance, renovation finance, under construction and portfolio acquisition. It boasts a diverse product mix with an innovative lending platform. With the most experienced professionals, AAIMF has worked on tailor made mortgage finance systems, whereby services are provided with ease and efficiency.

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Arab African International Leasing (AAIL)
Arab African International Bank - Subsidiaries

AAIL is a premier leasing company, providing corporate customers with tailored and innovative financial leasing solutions. Our goal is to guide our customers helping them achieve financial security. Our financial advice and knowhow provides us with a competitive edge. When coupled with AAIB’s great heritage the result is an overall “added value framework”, in which we carry out our duties with a great deal of confidence and to the best of our abilities in order to provide our customers with the best possible outcome

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Arab African International Bank - Subsidiaries

Sandah is a Microfinance Company launched to cater for a huge untapped market in Egypt. The mission of Sandah is to spur lending to small business, help drive job creation and economic development for micro-entrepreneurs in Egypt. Sandah offers micro loans to the upper end of the VSE market and lower end of the SME market. The company aims to facilitate financial empowerment to the less fortunate & the unbanked, deliver superior values to stakeholders through a highly motivated workforce & efficient technology, while remaining socially responsible.