AAIB’s 360° Sustainability is a 360°DNA. It is our blueprint to embrace, ESG – Environment, Social and Governance within our day-to-day business operations and practice.

At a time where no blueprint, or a destination might look like existed, we took breakthrough steps to tailor a roadmap embracing Sustainable Finance, considering the strengths, needs, constraints as well as opportunities. Nevertheless, our stakeholders’ engagement was a determinant factor to walk through this journey. 

AAIB’s Sustainability is a 360° DNA. It is an instinctive self-driven and genuinely determined vision we aim at formulating, and strive at promoting in order to create root-based system change. It is about embracing best mechanisms to integrate ESG sustainability pillars into the DNA of our bank’s business operations and management systems, while engaging all our bank stakeholders — starting from the Board of Directors (BOD), extending to reach out to bank support staff and external community at large.

Our 360° DNA Vision is:

To act as a change agent to reshape our business, from traditional to value-based banking that serves humanity.

Our 360° DNA vision grounded on six key values:

Environmental: Protecting Nature 

Social: Empowering Lives

Governance: Governance & Compliance

ESG Advocacy : Sustainable Finance

Reporting on Performance

Awareness: Educate Me Sustainability

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