Discrimination Day

Arab African International Bank - ZERO Discrimination Day



Our community is what we make, or what we fail to make. The choice is ours.

As AAIBians, we believe we have a responsibility towards our community and planet; where we live and where we make a living.


As March 1st marks the world’s ZERO Discrimination Day; AAIB; a member of the United Nations Global Compact's human rights principles since 2005, kicked off Kofi Annan’s quote ‘’We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to ONE human race’’ in a five-day internal engagement campaign against discrimination. Employees were encouraged to complete the quote and the name of the author. The campaign testified many participations more than half of which even went the extra mile, taking pictures with the quote highlighting their support against different types of discrimination; setting the landmark for a very strong statement: We want to affect positively in changing humanity!


Check Out AAIBians supporting Zero Discrimination photos through this link[album17]/0/


It all starts with YOU, and AAIBians just started!