A bundle of products and services to be enjoyed

The Real-estate Developers’ Package entitles the Developer to enjoy a bundle of products and services tailored to the needs of its own business nature. This includes:

  • Merchant POS machine
  • Dedicated counter tellers for PDC (Post-dated Cheque) Warehousing; along with banking facilities for new projects
  • Cheque Outsourcing and AAIB Business Online Payments (specifically bulk transfers using Corpay service)
  • Online Payment Gateway and Online Direct Debit for service charge payments and utilities

Benefits to Suppliers:

  • AAIB Business Online Payments (Bulk Transfers, Payroll, Governmental)
  • Cheque outsourcing
  • Facilities for new projects
  • Corporate Cards

Benefits to customers:

  • Merchant POS machine
  • ATMs at compounds
  • Biller on AAIB Retail Online and Mobile
  • Cash Pickup
  • Dedicated counter for PDC (Post-dated Cheque) Warehousing
  • Online Payment Gateway for utilities and service charge payments
  • Online Direct Debit for service charge payments

Corporate Accounts & Investments:

  • Current Accounts and Deposits
  • AAIB Business Online and Mobile Banking

Employees Products & Services:

  • Payroll Cards for support staff members
  • Mobile App for owners and employees
  • Employee Loans and Credit Cards
  • Wealth Management/Edge Accounts for owners

New Products:

  • Cheque Pickup
  • Bulk Cheque Custody

* Terms and Conditions apply as per each product and service terms and conditions mentioned on aaib.com