Current Accounts & Deposits

Control your liquidity and finances using different types of accounts and deposits in local and foreign currency.

Maintain your operating current account with AAIB to manage your day-to-day transactions with convenience and flexibility and earn competitive interest rates for large funds maintained for an agreed period of time.

Maximize your returns by placing your idle cash in accounts or deposits with flexible tenors ranging from 1 day to 10 years in Egyptian pounds and other foreign currencies such as:

  • Call Accounts
  • Day-to-day Current Account
  • Time Deposits
  • Non-Individual Long Term Deposits
  • Green Pearls (USD/EUR/GBP)

Custody Services

Settlement of Transactions

For Local & Foreign Fixed Income Securities, AAIB can acquire and hold the custody of your fixed income investments in EGP (Bills/Bonds), and offer fixed income investments in foreign currency (EuroBonds)

Settlement of Earnings

AAIB can offer you swift access to your dividends on stock portfolios & your coupons/interest received on your bond portfolios