Working Capital Facilities

  • Our professional team provides you with WC facilities that secures the cash that every business needs to cover its daily operating expenses including but not limited to purchases of raw materials, payment of wages and salaries, taxes, customs, insurance and freight costs, etc.

  • Working Capital (WC) facilities are short-term financing offered to support your liquidity and operating cycle and usually have a short repayment period (less than 1 year).

  • WC facilities helps businesses in covering their working capital needs without straining their operating cash flow, leaving the operating profits available for organic growth of the business.

Medium and Long-Term Loans

  • Our experienced professionals can structure medium and long-term loans to finance your long-term assets such as fixed assets or investments. Repayments are mainly made according to cash flows available for the company after covering your operational needs.

  • Most commonly, the tenor of medium-term loans usually ranges between two and five years, while long term loans are those with a tenor exceeding five years.

  • Tailored medium and long-term loans can help you finance the purchase of capital equipment such as production lines, machinery and equipment necessary for the production process of your business, as well as new projects or expansion plans that your business might need.

  • Medium and long-term loans can also be used as a tool to rectify any tenor mismatches that a business might have, thus reducing the pressure on operating cash flow.

Discounting Facilities

  • AAIB is able to offer you with discounting facilities, as a financing solution that helps you monetize your future receivables and bridging the gap until they are effectively collected and releasing cash for the payment of your business financial needs.

  • This type of facilities enables you to discount the future cash flows and obtain immediate finance based on future cash flows present value. Such product can be offered either on a non-recourse basis (off balance sheet) or with recourse basis (on balance sheet).

  • Discounting facilities provided on a non-recourse basis helps you in off-loading your receivables, while only retaining the responsibility of collecting payments from your customers.

Developers Finance

  • One of AAIB’s distinguished products, that is specifically tailored for real estate developers to bridge any funding gaps between the cash inflows and cash outflows during the construction period of a residential real estate project.

  • Developers finance is a financing line offered to real estate developers to finance the construction of a certain project. Such financing mainly ring fences the project cash flows away from company’s other cash flows.

  • Developers finance helps you in optimizing the equity contribution towards a single residential real estate development project, leaving room to utilize your equity contributions towards more projects and expanding your footprint.

Contractors Finance

  • We structure this product to support contractors in various sectors to issue different kinds of guarantees in addition to availing direct financing to cover contracts cash flow deficits.

  • The contractors finance assists in catering for contractors’ financing needs throughout the various phases of the project, starting with bid bonds required during the bidding process, advance payment bonds issued to guarantee the project’s advance payment received from the project’s sponsor, and performance bonds required to guarantee the contractor’s performance until the delivery of the project.

  • On the direct financing side, contractors finance helps contractors in bridging cash flow gaps between the cash outflows required for the project construction or supply and the cash inflows from collection of Project Progress Certificates (PPCs).

Structured Finance

  • IBSF’s structured finance team provides multi-disciplinary solutions for funding multi-nature assets with complex and unique features covering project financing, discounting facilities, offload of pooled assets amongst other structured products. We work with clients to monetize assets and cash flows through recourse and non-recourse financing structures heavily seen in real estate, infrastructure and PPP financing requirements. We tailor the best position matching our clients’ credit profile to achieve the lowest yield on their debt offerings.

Project Finance

  • Our experienced professionals can offer financing solutions to support project financing needs in different stages (green/brown fields). We design financing proposals to meet our clients’ specific needs based on the analysis of the project’s future cash flow.

  • The project financing product is a special product that is structured on a case by case basis, whereby the project future cash flow determines all financing conditions (i.e. tenor, grace period, repayment profile, etc.).

  • Using this type of finance, AAIB can help you in financing large projects, including among others, infrastructure and industrial projects, within a pre-agreed debt to equity funding mix and helps in minimizing the initial investment, since the debt funded portion of the project is usually a significant portion.

Club Deals and Syndications

  • Larger transactions might require collaboration with other banks in order to diversify risk and to manage group exposures.

  • AAIB can act as a Mandated Lead Arranger (MLA) on your behalf in arranging club deals and syndications, where our scope includes bringing together a group of lenders required to fully underwrite the requested loan, negotiating the terms of the proposed facility, as well assuming other roles (i.e. Facility Agent, Security Agent, Account Bank, etc.)

  • Leveraging on its robust balance sheet, AAIB can also be one of the underwriters.

Arranging and Underwriting of Corporate and Securitization Bonds

  • AAIB is one of the leading institutions when it comes to arranging and underwriting corporate bonds and securitization bonds, which are mainly alternative financing solutions that engage capital markets in fund raising process.

  • Capitalizing on AAIB’s Custodian license, our team can provide all custody and collection services associated with corporate and securitization bond issuances. We can act as placement agent, backup servicer and hold all the accounts related to the securitization bond issuance (i.e. collection accounts, reserve accounts, default reserve accounts, re-investment accounts, coupon payment accounts, etc.).

  • Leveraging on its wide network of institutional investors, AAIB plays a key role in the bookrunning activities required to close these types of transactions.

  • AAIB is the one-stop shop, catering to all your requirements in corporate and securitization bond issuances.