Introducing Our Global Transaction Banking Solutions For Egypt, UAE, & The Region

  • By understanding the unique financial dynamics businesses face as they conduct operations in international markets, AAIB strives to be the trusted financial partner for our clients and provides comprehensive tailored GTB solutions to enhance their financial operations, optimize their cash flow and facilitate efficient cross-border transactions. From electronic invoicing to digital payments, from bespoke trade solutions to multilateral-backed programs, our solutions help clients across AAIB footprint to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Banking Network Clients

  • Expand your global reach with confidence

    At AAIB, we are committed to delivering innovative financial solutions that meet the unique requirements of our clients. Our network banking capabilities are at the core of our solutions, enabling businesses to expand their global reach and effectively manage their finances across borders. With trade finance, foreign exchange services, cross-border payment solutions and regional liquidity management tools, we empower clients to navigate the complexities of international trade, mitigate currency risks and enhance their overall financial operations.

  • Our GTB team is dedicated to providing the right solutions to help our network clients thrive, by delivering comprehensive regional support and coverage across AAIB footprint in Egypt & UAE. With their extensive experience and in-depth knowledge, they are well-equipped to provide customized financial solutions tailored to your specific requirements. No matter where your business operates within the region, we are here to provide you with the necessary assistance and guidance.

Multinational Corporations, Subsidiaries & Global Franchises
  • Managing financial operations across different markets can be complex. By integrating liquidity management capabilities and digital channels, our GTB team can develop structured solutions to empower our clients operating across AAIB footprint to leverage technology, drive efficiency and enhance transparency in their day-to-day operations.

Commodity Traders
  • We understand the specific needs of commodity traders, from managing price volatility to optimizing working capital and mitigating trade risks. Whether they're dealing with agricultural products, metals, energy resources, or other commodities, we offer bespoke solutions to streamline their financial operations and navigate the complexities of commodities transactions while mitigating risks.

Shipping & Logistics Providers
  • The shipping and logistics industry plays a critical role in facilitating international trade. For businesses in this sector, financial efficiency and cash flow management are vital. We offer solutions that address their unique challenges, such as managing complex payment flows, optimizing working capital and providing trade finance solutions to support their supply chain operations and day-to-day needs.

Integrated Receivables & Liquidity Management

  • Effortlessly manage your incoming funds and facilitate reconciling your sales proceeds, utilizing our integrated receivables & liquidity management solutions which are designed to streamline your collections processes, reduce manual tasks and provide you with clarity and control over your finances.

Consolidated Digital Collection Solutions
  • We offer a wide variety of collection solutions to meet your needs. Through Online Direct Debit service, you can enjoy the ease of automated collections and reconciliation for any recurring payments from your clients. In addition, our Cash Pickup service ensures smooth collection of cash, eliminating the need for physically transporting large amounts of cash and reducing associated risks. We can also optimize your B2B receivables with our tailored solutions in partnership with FinTechs & payment providers.

  • To simplify your reconciliation efforts, we offer consolidated collections reporting solutions providing a unified view of your sales and collections with AAIB through cash, cheques, transfers, or cards.

SWIFT for Corporate & Enhanced Statement Reporting Solutions
  • Empower your corporate liquidity management and make informed financial decisions with enhanced daily insights using MT940/942 statements sent directly to your designated Swift address. In addition, you can enjoy seamless transaction execution with MT101 messages to AAIB. Our GTB team will work with you and provide the needed support to onboard your entity to utilize these solutions.

Integrated Payables & Digital Channels

  • We offer a suite of integrated payables solutions designed to meet your diverse needs and allow you to handle payments through our digital platforms.

AAIB Business Online Banking (online transfers, payroll, government payments)
  • Access AAIB Business Online Banking and conveniently transfer funds from the comfort of your office. You can transfer funds between your accounts, to other accounts within AAIB or to local banks in Egypt, make various governmental payments, supplier payments, you can also make payments to your employees’ payroll, cards, mobile wallets or to their national IDs through Egypt Post.

H2H Payments Integration
  • Streamline payment disbursement processes and drive efficiency by integrating digital payment systems with your ERP. AAIB GTB team will support you through the integration and testing process to facilitate implementation in a timely manner.

Structured Trade Solutions & Advisory

  • Whether you need assistance with import/export financing, risk mitigation, or supply chain financing, we can guide you through the complex world of global trade, ensuring smooth and efficient transactions for your business and maximizing your global business opportunities.

Structured Export Solutions
  • We can develop structured export finance solutions that cater to your unique requirements meeting a range of strategies to mitigate risks and ensure on-time payment for your exported goods. Through our extensive correspondent network, we can support you as you expand your exports overseas, providing access to a wide range of international markets and facilitating smooth cross-border transactions.

Transferable LCs for Exports
  • AAIB GTB team can structure Transferrable Letter of Credit transactions allowing you to easily transfer your export LCs to second beneficiaries and fulfil your contractual obligations; and we can also discount these Transferrable LCs for both beneficiaries, improving their cash flow and providing liquidity.

UPAS LCs for Imports
  • Enjoy the flexibility of deferred payment terms while ensuring prompt payment to exporters upon the presentation of compliant documents through Usance Payable at Sight (UPAS) LC structures. AAIB GTB team works hand in hand with you to structure UPAS LC transactions and can support you in the negotiation with your suppliers to secure preferential commercial terms.

Multilateral & ECA-backed Structures
  • We provide customized financing solutions that propel your business forward in the international marketplace through AAIB's extensive partnerships with multilateral organizations and Export Credit Agencies (ECAs). In addition, we can offer structured reimbursement arrangements through our network of correspondent banks and multilateral organizations to ensure increased security and build trust with your trading partners.

Supply Chain Financing & Vendor Prepay
  • Access affordable funding by obtaining early payment against your sales to selective buyers who are pre-approved by the bank. You’ll need to present invoices approved by your buyers, along with an assignment of proceeds, and we can offer prepayment of these invoices subject to availability of approved facilities.